Title Searches You Can Trust

Since 2000, Elite Abstract, LLC has been successfully operating throughout the state of Tennessee.


From its home office in Nashville, TN, Elite Abstract completes searches for its clients in ALL 95 Tennessee counties by utilizing its staff of highly qualified employees that boast a combined total of over 300 years of search and title experience. This gives you, our client, added confidence in your search results because they are completed by someone with lots of experience right here in TN. We know that what you care about most is quality results, at a fair price, and returned to you in a reasonable time frame.


Regardless of where you are located, if you have business in TN, then we can help you. Just read what some of our long-time satisfied clients have to say about us, and then either call or email to discuss your needs.

"As an extremely satisfied client of Elite Abstract since 2008, I can highly recommend the services of Elite Abstract. Their staff is responsive, their turn around times are prompt, their pricing is very fair, and their searches are thorough, complete, and accurate. Our partnership with Elite Abstract is a valuable part of our continuing success in TN."

Bart Riley, TN/Investor's Title Insurance Corporation

"Our firm has been thrilled with the service, accuracy, and professionalism of Elite Abstract since we first connected with them in 2018. Upon utilizing their commercial search services, we were so dazzled by their fantastic expertise, timeliness, and cost-effective products, that Elite became our exclusive commercial title search provider in the entire State of Tennessee. Elite is a key aspect of our firm’s success in the State of Tennessee."

S. Marcus Calloway, Esquire, Calloway Title and Escrow, LLC