Our Title Search Services

Commercial Title Seaches

Our commercial searches are priced on a case-by-case basis, please send order requests to: orders@eliteabstract.com.

Residential Title Searches

Our standard residential search is a 30 year search, with pricing based on a Tier 1 or Tier 2 copy package:
Tier 1 includes pertinent lien copies, 24 month deed(s), plat, property card, taxes.

Tier 2 includes ALL copies of ALL documents reported.

Send order requests to: orders@eliteabstract.com.

Click here to view Elite Abstract’s standard two-page search report for how results are submitted.

Other Title Services

Current Owner Searches

UCC Searches

Bankruptcy Searches

Other - foreclosure services, tax searches, and more: email us for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you facilitate recordings after closing?

This is not something that is a standard procedure for our services. It is negotiable.

How far back do you search a standard residential search?

Our standard search goes back at least 30 years

How far back do you search a standard commercial search?

Our standard commercial search goes back at least 30 years, and we frequently will go back further, based on client request/needs and pricing is based on requested search.

Do you perform searches for longer periods of time?

Yes. We can perform searches as far back as records are available, and this is based on client request.

Do you perform UCC searches with the State of Tennessee?

Yes, and these are done by request only. They are not a part of our standard search.

Do you prepare documents and/or perform closings?

No. We are not a title agent. We perform search/abstracting functions only as a part of our standard service.

Do you certify personal property taxes?

We do NOT. We will provide a printout (when available) of what is recorded, in correlation with the map/parcel for the subject property being searched.